yacht delivery


Every delivery is handled by a qualified and vastly
experienced RYA Skipper... You can’t buy, study or learn experience.




We fully understand how precious your yacht is to you. We will therefore treat her with the utmost respect and care. Before setting out on the delivery, we will take at least one day to check the boat's systems.

Detailed checklists will be used to cover all functions of the engine(s), boat systems, pumps, rigging, electronics and fittings. Anything that is not in working order will be noted, even if it does not seriously affect the delivery passage. Any faulty items which may effect the delivery, will be reported immediately, and rectified before setting out if in agreement with the owner... Small repairs will be checked and fixed by our experienced team to prevent you from the hindrance of having to assign expensive mechanics or marine maintenance companies. Prior to departure vulnerable areas of the interior of the boat will be covered and protected.

Throughout the trip

The safety of your yacht and those on board are the skipper's responsibility and first priority.

It is the skipper's judgment that decides if the sea and the vessel are safe enough to sail. To keep wear and tear to a minimum, your vessel will be sailed conservatively, or motored below normal cruising speed when under motor. Our skippers have the first and final say in decisions during the delivery... Our delivery skipper will keep in regular daily contact with both you and our head office throughout the passage, to keep you constantly up to date with the progress.


Oceanis Yacht Deliveries will present you with a full delivery report including the complete record of the passage.

Another part of the aftercare is to assess your yacht and its systems prior to and upon arrival to give you a full picture of its condition and of any repairs or modifications that might be necessary. We will make sure your yacht receives a deep cleaning and engine checks to ensure it is in excellent condition upon delivery, ready for you to sail. If for some reason the owner is not available at the delivery base, all documents and keys can be signed over to an Owner Appointed and authorised person.

Furthermore, after delivery, our skipper can stay on with the owner for a period, to assist and coach the owner in yacht handling techniques and the operations of the navigation equipment, yacht systems and engine maintanance procedures. We are here to assist in anyway required.