yacht delivery


Every delivery is handled by a qualified and vastly
experienced RYA Skipper... You can’t buy, study or learn experience.



There are quite a few yacht delivery companies, and who you entrust with your yacht delivery, can be very confusing. One of our main strengths is that we are meticulous in our attention to detail. We take time to work with clients in understanding their requirements and expectations to ensure clarity on planning their trip.

At Oceanis, our aim is to make every transaction straightforward and transparent. Our pricing policy is a fully inclusive package and we guarantee to carry out every delivery professionally. Our pricing is based on distance, not totally on time or how many days the delivery will take.

Pricing includes:

  • Crew wages
  • Surface travel costs to and from your yacht
  • All required flight costs
  • Food for the delivery period
  • Charts, almanacs and pilot books for the entire passage
  • Cleaning and vessel condition report on arrival
  • 24/7 weather routeing advice
  • 24/7 parts and maintenance support to minimise delay
  • Replacement crew costs if required
  • Passage planning and recording
  • Travel days to and from the yacht; included in the quoted costs.
  • Passage delays; The first 7 full days delayed 'due to weather conditions' are included. Any delayed days expenses and port costs thereafter due to increment weather conditions, are to be charged at €120 a day, for each full day thereafter.
  • Any delays due to electrical, mechanical or rig failure, would need to be charged at €140 a day, for each full day delayed. This is to cover the additional mooring fees, additional assistance and food for the crew while awaiting and assisting with repairs.