yacht delivery


Professional yacht and power boat management service.



For many years, yacht owners have asked us to take on the complete management of their yachts. Since 2010 we have provided a comprehensive Yacht Management Service, which now represents a large part of our business in the Mediterranean and can be tailored to suite the individual requirements of each yacht owner.

GOLD OPTION – Oceanis can provide a Skipper on a long term ‘periodic’ inspection programme, perhaps over three, six, nine or twelve months. Our Skipper will visit your yacht in its location at least once or twice a month for a day or two, or at designated frequencies. The Skipper will check the mooring lines, ensure it’s thoroughly clean in and out; laundry checked, electronics, batteries and engines checked, tested and run the yacht motor/s for approximately an hour or two, to bring the engines up to temperature and test the outlets.

Note: Any minor broken parts; i.e. toilet seats, bilge pumps, hoses and any other minor parts and oils can be replaced. The work time involved, is included but the cost of any extra parts, needs to be charged separately. Receipts and old parts will be produced.

SILVER OPTION - Alternatively, Oceanis can provide a Skipper, with additional crew if required, for a set number of weeks each year so that the yacht is prepared, checked and ready to use and where you want it to be at all times. A two to three week agreement is the usual. Our Skipper and any required Crew can arrive at your yacht in advance. They can move the yacht to a new location if you require, where your yacht will be cleaned in and out, metalwork polished, laundry checked, engines checked and ready waiting for you.

Other benefits.

  • We also provide central office support contact, to ensure that all required maintenance, spares, cleaning together with issues such as, lifting arrangements, anti-fouling, laying up and even insurance are handled systematically.
  • As an added benefit, Oceanis can provide an engineer to visit your yacht to carry out a full and complete engine/s service and attend to any large scale repairs if required.